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Apprentice and Journeyman Courses

Course scheduling is based on enrollment and Instructor availability. Contact the Training Center to register by phone at 816-761-8800 or to sign up send us an e-Mail.

Course List


Course # PFJC-601
56 hours

The objective of AutoCAD Level I is designed to enable students to create a basic 2D drawing in AutoCAD. Level I covers the core topics for working with AutoCAD such topics as, understanding the AutoCAD workspace, editing, viewing tools, organizing drawing objects on layers, preparing a layout to be plotted, adding text, hatching, dimensioning and more. Prerequisite: Basic understanding of Microsoft Windows Operating System.

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Course # PFJC-601.1
56 hours

This course strives to make the student more proficient in his or her use of AutoCAD and introduces more advanced techniques. The focus will include the following topics, utilizing workspace, grips, tool palettes, polylines, regions, advanced text objects, using external reference files and XREF information.
Prerequisite: Course # PFJC-601 (AutoCAD 1)

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BIM for the Pipefitter

Course # PFJC-601.2
56 hours

This course is intended for the experienced AutoCAD user and will cover advanced concepts, commands and techniques for creating 3D drawings using solids, modeling and rendering. Instruction includes lecture, demonstrations and hands-on exercises.
Prerequisite: Course # PFJC-601&601.1 (AutoCAD 1& 2).

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Backflow Preventer Tester Certification

Course # PFJC-602
56 hours

This course is designed to give classroom instruction and hands-on training in the installation, service, repair and testing of commercial and industrial backflow prevention devices. Upon successful completion of the class you will be certified to test and repair backflow prevention devices. A summer class will be scheduled pending enrollment.

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Backflow Preventer Tester Recertification (renewal)

Course # PFJC-602.1
4 hours

The recertification program provides both classroom and hands on activities. Recertification must be completed 6 months either side of the date on your card. If you exceed 6 months after expiration you will be required to take the certification class to renew.

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Carbon Monoxide Safety Training

Course # PFJC-604
4 hours

The class will provide the attendee with an understanding of the hazards inherent in carbon monoxide generation, testing procedures, an overview of combustion analysis and the relation of building pressures to carbon monoxide. The class will be scheduled based on demand.

There are many sources of carbon monoxide from automotive and transportation influences to the mechanical systems in our homes and businesses. Throughout the program topics of discussion will include, the health affects of CO poisoning, warning signs and symptoms as well as CO Alarms and the effects of UL standards upon vulnerable people. There is a strong focus towards CO monitors, detectors, test instruments, testing protocols and procedures for technicians and inspectors.

COSA Carbon monoxide Safety training is a must for all HVAC/R technicians, Weatherization auditors, home/building inspectors and fire department personnel.

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CFC Certification (Refrigerant Handling)

Course # PFJC-605
12 hours

This course will focus on the safe and legal aspects of refrigerant handling. Topics will include charging, transportation, recycling and recovery of Chloro Fluoro Carbon materials. Federal EPA requirements will be covered in order to prepare for the universal certification issued by the UA.

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Combustion Analysis

Course # PFJC-607
8 hours

The class will provide the attendee with an understanding of combustion theory and analysis. Furnace and boiler applications will be reviewed. Hands-on labs utilizing operating equipment will be provided. The class is designed to demonstrate combustion analysis on specific equipment available in the lab. Additional manufacturer specific training would be required to set up larger equipment with fully modulating burners. Oil burners will not be addressed in the class.

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CPR/First Aid Certification

Course # PFJC-609
12 hours

This course teaches the individual to recognize an emergency and how to respond. You will learn the proper procedures and techniques for rendering assistance, and method of applying the combination of artificial respiration and manual artificial circulation used to affect emergency resuscitation.

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Crane Signal Person and Rigger Qualification

Course # PFJC-620.1
4 hours

This 4 hour session will provide classroom and hands on training activities needed to meet the OSHA qualification requirement that went into effect on November 8, 2010.

Course Objective - Students in this course will gain a basic understanding of the following:
• use of hand signals in crane operations,
• signaler’s qualifications, procedures and audio communications,
• basic understanding of equipment operation and limitations,
• recognizing site safety hazards and safe clearances,
• rigging procedures and equipment,
• safety factors and proper storage,
• inspections and load calculations.

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Digital Controls

Course #PFAC, PFJC - 619.3
Block classes

This block course is designed to allow Journeyman to select and participate in sections of interest. Hours for each segment will vary between 4 and 24 hour blocks of training.

Blocks will include the following the topics:

Pneumatic control theory, operation and control strategies, calibration and setup of thermostats and controllers.

The class will also include Digital Control theory, operation and application. Hands on lab activities will be performed utilizing operating equipment. Control system commissioning activities and documentation will also be covered.

Contact the Training Center for details and to sign up. Members are welcome to sign up for all sessions (28 weeks).

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Foreman Training

Course #PFJC - 610.1
44 hours

This course is designed to provide the base knowledge and understanding of the duties and responsibilities of the Foreman. The material along with presentations given by members of Labor and Management provide insight for all participants. Class size is limited. Contact the Training Center for details and to sign up.

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Foreman Training Re-Certification

# PFJC-610.2
3 hours

Details regarding Foreman Training Re-Certification are being mailed to members prior to expiration of the certification.
Contact the Training Center with questions and for additonal details.

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Green Awareness

Course # PFJC-611
30 hours

The class provides information relating to Green technologies and application. Strategies to reduce energy consumption on existing and new buildings will be presented.

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High Purity Piping Installation & Brazing (renewal)

Course # PFJC-616
36 hours

Requirement: Journeyman or 5th Year Apprentice

Contact the Training Center for details or to sign up. The instruction in this course will focus on the proper procedures and requirements needed to successfully install High Purity Piping Systems. Topics will include: procedures for installing copper tube and fittings, brazing procedures and pre- and post- purge requirements in order to meet the NFPA-99C standard. The credential provides the qualification to install air lines connected to pneumatic operated equipment and lifts found in many facilities.

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Course # PFJC-614
56 hours

The training program consists of both classroom training and hands-on instrumentation practical exercises. Following completion of the training program a UA Certification Examination is provided. Trainees are not allowed to take the UA Instrumentation Technician Certification Examination without fully completing the training course, including the required hands-on practical exercises.

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Instrumentation II

Course # PFJC-614.1
40 Hours

Requirement: Instrumentation Level I

The Level II Performance Exam is a performance bases assessment tool. Participants will be asked Discussion questions related to performance tasks and asked to calibrate three (3) of five (5) devises selected at random by the Exam Administrator. There is a three hour time period allowed for the Level II Performance Exam.

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Low Voltage Qualified – NFPA 70E

Course # PFJC-617
8 hours (Two 4 hour nights)

A two-evening, 8 hour course providing a wide range of electrical workplace practices for Pipefitters working in an electrical environment. With an emphasis on OSHA & NFPA 70E regulations and guidelines, attendees will gain a thorough knowledge of the dangers and recommendations for working with or near electrical shock and arc-flash hazards.

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Master Mechanical HVAC Unlimited - Code Exam Prep

Preparation for the Master Mechanical HVAC Unlimited Air Conditioning License Exam. Resource materials and books will be provided. Exam Application cost=$45.00, Exam cost=$90.00

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NCCCO Signalperson Certification

Course # PFJC-620.2
18 Hours

Course Objectives:

  • Promote uniform administration and enforcement of UA Crane Signal Person Qualification and certifications.
  • Promote a level of qualification standard, which will support safety, quality and economical Crane Signal Person activities.
  • Provide industry with a certification that is complete, accurate, consistent, reliable and current to comply with the required applications.
  • Commit each UA Crane Signal Person to performance that includes quality, safety and cost effectiveness for the required work.
  • Enable all UA Crane Signal Persons to recognize their individual commitment to the integrity of the UA Crane Signal Person Certification Program.
  • Provide all UA Crane Signal Persons the opportunity to enhance the quality of their work and life to emanate goodwill among the United Association, its members, the employing contractors and their clients (owners and users).

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Course # PFJC-618
13.5 Hours

The training consists of material that meets the specified criteria to achieve OSHA 10 certification. Topics covered include: Introduction to OSHA standards, Electricity, Personal Protective Equipment, Health Hazards, Fall Protection, Caught Between, Struck By, Tools and Material Handling.

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Twenty additional hours within 6 months of obtaining the OSHA 10 certification meeting the specified criteria will qualify the participant for the OSHA 30 certification. Course will be 30 hours otherwise. Topics include: Confined Spaces, Fire Protection & Prevention, Trenches, Scaffolds, Drinking & Driving, Welding & Cutting, Cranes, Aerial Lifts, Stairways & Ladders and Excavations.

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Pump Alignment

Course # PFJC-627
4 hours

The class will provide general information about pump operation, determining impeller diameter using pump curves and assessing performance. We have four open drive assemblies that each person will have an opportunity to align using dial indicators

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R-410a Safety & Training

Course # PFJC-619
8 hours

The training consists of class room instruction related to safety and installation of R-410a systems. Hands-on training utilizing a split system in our lab is provided. The class also includes information regarding retrofits using R-407c to replace R-22 in existing air conditioning systems. BENEFITS: This certification will provide the needed credentials for contractors to purchase and install equipment fitted with R-410a. At this time all local equipment vendors are accepting this certification to purchase and install R-410a equipment. The course exam fee is $30.00 per candidate.

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Residential Heating Basics &
Residential Cooling Basics

Course # PFJC-619.1
112 hours

Training will focus on installation, operation and service of Residential Heating (56h) and Cooling (56h) equipment. Class room and hands on activities will be conducted on 80+, 90+ gas fired furnaces and air cooled DX split systems. Refrigeration theory, EPA 608, refrigerant recovery and system charging will be included in the course. Electrical safety and troubleshooting techniques will also be presented.

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Rigging Certification

Course # PFJC-620
60 hours

Instruction will provide in: planning your lift, using proper crane signals, hoist equipment usage and safety, and proper applications of slings and rigging hardware. This course is designed to prepare the participants for the written and practical exams to obtain rigging certification.

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Steam Technology

Course # PFJC-621
4 hours

This course will provide a review of steam science and technologies as applied to design and installation criteria. System piping, components and operation will be discussed. Hands-on labs will be provided with operational glass steam traps and heat exchanger.

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Trimble Robotic Total Station Training

Course # PFJC-601.3
16 hours

This course will equip students with fundamental skills and knowledge to effectively operate a Trimble Robot Total Station layout instrument utilizing a Trimble Tablet device and Trimble Field Link software.

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Tube Bending

Course # PFJC-614.2
20 hours

This course will provide resources and hands on training to become proficient at the art of tube bending.

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UA Star Recertification Exam

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UA Star HVAC Preparation Course

This course will familiarize you with the UA STAR HVACR Technician Certification exam and prepare you to take the exam through your local union. All of the categories covered by the exam will be reviewed in the class room. You will complete reading assignments and take a series of practice quizzes. The NITC proctored UA STAR HVACR Certification exam will be conducted at the Training Center. The cost of the exam is $128.00. UA Members passing the exam may qualify to receive 32 college credits from Washtenaw Community College.

Requirements/Prerequisites: Participant must have a minimum of 5 years’ experience in HVACR.

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Valve Repair Certification

Course # PFJC-623
56 hours

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Variable Frequency Drives

Course # PFJC-624
8 hours

Prerequisite: Course #PFJC-617 (NFPA70E Awareness Program)

This class will cover VFD theory and operation, HVAC applications, installation, programming and troubleshooting. Several different manufactured VFDs will be utilized in classroom and hands-on lab activities.

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Welding - GTAW

Course # PFJC-625
56 hours

Prerequisite: Course #PFJC-625.1 (Welding-SMAW)

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Welding - SMAW

Course # PFJC-625.1
56 hours

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Welding - Orbital

Course # PFJC-625.2
56 hours

This course will cover the proper set-up of the various orbital welding power sources and accessories. Included will be the calibration of weld heads, proper joint preparations and variables affecting weld quality. The mechanic will learn how to develop weld schedules and perform calculations. The course goal is to prepare the member for certification.

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Welding - Orbital (re-certify)

Course # PFJC-625.21
12 hours

This course will provide an opportunity for members who have taken the orbital welding class to re-certify.

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Welding - PVC Pipe Solvent Weld Cementing Training

Course # PFJC-625.3
3 Hours

This course describes the specifications and proper techniques of Solvent Weld Cementing various types of plastic pipe. After completing the course the students will take a practical exam that consists of gluing two 4” Schedule 80 PVC caps on to a 4” x 12” long piece of Schedule 80 PVC pipe. The student's procedure and coupon will be visually evaluated by the instructor and then sent to a independent lab that will hydro test it at 750 PSI for 1 hour. If the student passes both tests, they will receive a certificate certifying them to weld plastic pipe accordingly to ASME 31.3 up to 16” Schedule 80 PVC pipe.

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Welding - Plastic Heat Fusion

Course # PFJC-625.4
12 hours

This course provides classroom and hands on activities related to the heat fusion process of plastic piping systems. Some applications include Geo-Thermal System piping and equipment connections.

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Welding - Weld Preheat, Post-Weld Heat Treatment

Seminar Topics
• Induction Heating Technology
• Air-Cooled System
• Liquid-Cooled System
• Set-Up
• Pre-Heating
• Stress-Relieving
• Multiple Joint Preheat and Stress Relieving
• Hot Tap Applications
• "Expand to Fit"

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Welding - CWI (Certified Welding Inspector)

This course will provide study materials and activities to prepare the individual for the exams to become a Certified Welding Inspector.

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Welding - J-Beveling

Course # PFTC - Vendor
3 hours

A J-bevel is applied to the end of pipe or tubing designed to be welded together using a manual or automatic welding process. The bevel has an accurately machined land typically 1/16” that has a consistent thickness around the tube. This type of bevel is commonly used on heavy wall pipe installed in the power plant industry.

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Welding - Bevel

Course # PFTC - Vendor
4 hours

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Welding - Automatic Welder Training (Heavy Wall Wire Feed )

Course # PFJC-625.5
40 hrs

This course will cover the proper set-up of the equipment and programming involved to proficiently utilize the process. A weld certification done by hand will also be required to obtain the certification.

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Welding - 2” Schedule 10 – 316L

Course # PFJC-Vendor
8 hours

Fundamentals of welding 316L Schedule 10 pipe.

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